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Ahlers is the Kansas City commercial cleaning company. We clean literally anything and everything. Seriously. Did you throw Steve a massive going away office party celebrating his new promotion? Call us up and consider it done. Did your new intern Jeffery somehow screw up coffee duties and turned the kitchen into a living nightmare. We got that covered. Or did your office suffer from an unfortunate accident such as a fire or water pipes busting? Don’t worry we can fix that too. Accidents, events and humans create trash all the time, sometimes it going to take more than just a few paper towels and a trash bag to fix your problem.

Did you know before 1976 it was legal for commercial dumping of any kind or amount of hazardous chemical waste into a landfills? The Toxic Substance Control Act put and end to that. However, this didn’t stop businesses dumping waste into landfills. Evening more astonishing in 1988 the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) claimed more 14,000 landfills have been closed since 1978, more than 70% in country. There full of trash, very unsafe and most owners of the landfills refused to adjust their standards.

The Atari video game burial is one of the most talked about landfills in America. Essentially, in 1983 Atari was forced to sell the company after some poor management and produced E.T the Extra-Terrestrial most considered one of the worst video games ever made. Creating 5 million copies and only selling 1.5 million copies, the unsold were sent to a mythical landfill few knew of. Rumors spread and by 2014 the legendary landfill was found in Alamogordo, New Mexico full of video game cartridges, consoles and computers.

Here at Ahlers we can fix and clean literally anything you throw at us. We love to clean your messes and accidents. We are good at what we do, trust our work speaks for ourselves. Ahlers, the Kansas City commercial cleaning company you have been looking for.

Call us today to get a quote 913-894-4440.

Kansas City, keep it clean


Kansas City Commercial Cleaning


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