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Did you know according to The Kansas City Business Journal there are over 50,000 businesses in the Kansas City area alone. Just think about that for a minute, what if on average every business had 10 rooms? That’s 500,000 if not more potential dirty rooms that need some cleaning. That is a lot of offices full of people, but guess what people do? We make trash, lots of it. Here is some interesting facts about garbage you may have not known about.

Did you know that in 1855 America built its first garbage incinerator on Governor’s Island, New York? That same year there were 180 garbage incinerators in America. It sounded like the key to fighting the war on garbage, it even generated electricity for light the Williamsburg Bridge. However, by 1909 102 out of 180 were dismantled due the poor construction and management of incinerators. America thought it would be better to use all the wide open land and dump their trash there, seems logical. Unfortunately, we live in a time we can longer throw our garbage wherever we want to. Could you imagine getting up from your office desk and walk towards the window and toss your latte cup out of the window? What simpler times we use to live in, a simpler time that we are now paying for it. So do everyone a favor pick up your trash. If cleaning seems like too much time and effort then we have one solution for you.

Luckily, we here at Ahlers are the Kansas City office cleaning service. Please allow us to clean up the mess your business makes and let your company operate in the cleanest work environment possible. Don’t work in your own clutter, any successful business has to operate in the most organized manner. Call us today to get a quote 913-894-4440.

Kansas City Office Cleaning

Stay clean Kansas City

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