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Did you know there is nearly half a million people living in the Kansas City area? Do you know how many houses/apartments that is? The answer is quite a bit. Some of those homes house a full family of 4, 5, 6 maybe 10 people or more! It’s fair to say the more people there is in a confined area of living there will be a lot of potential messes. What’s one piece of the house that’s ALWAYS getting stepped day in and day out? Literally getting stepped on, CARPET!

We are the Ahlers team and we are the Kansas City carpet cleaning company, well its on the many things we do. We are a company of many hats and any type of mess is no problem for us. The carpet can sometimes be a filthy component for any house, full of dirt, bacteria and bugs. Check out this graphic all the gross things that are literally living in your carpet, the same carpet your children are laying down watching tv or taking their afternoon nap. Carpet Beetles are common type of pests found, you guessed it, carpet. However, they also reside in fabrics feasting on hair, fur, woolen products, plant material and dead animal materials. Besides of the living things in your carpet, accidents happen on a daily basis, after all we are human. The winter weather can bring unwanted snow and mud into your beautiful home or business. Most people unknowingly step on the snow salt aka Calcium Chloride. It’s an effective snow remover, but it has many harmful side effects, one being its poisonous for dogs. Or maybe your little David just spilt ALL of his grape juice right in the middle of living room that resembles a blood stain, yikes… Maybe its time to call your Kansas City carpet cleaning company, Ahlers. We will fix your carpet problems!

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Kansas City Carpet Cleaning Company


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