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One of the greatest cleaning questions

This is an age-old debate, should you vacuum or dust first? There is no middle ground on this topic you are either team vacuum or team dust. Surely the experts in the cleaning world how an answer to end this great debate. Truth be told, even the experts are divided on this hot topic.

So what is right thing to do? Vacuum or dust first? Let’s take a look at both sides of the arguement.

Team vacuumers say you should obviously vacuum first before you dust. Their argument is that vacuums “throw” dust into the air which leads to the next step of dusting off countertops and furniture. Sounds good right? Once you dust off the countertops and furniture where does the dust go?

Team dusters argue you should dust everything first and let the dust settle into the carpet. Then you vacuum it all up. However, once you vacuum the dust flies up and lands everywhere again.

It’s a never ending battle it seems like. To vacuum or dust first? So to answer everyone’s question, there is no right or wrong answer how to go about it. However, there is a way to help¬†minimize the amount of dust your vacuum spews out. Here are a few tips.

  • Make sure the vacuum filters are clean
  • The vacuum bag is empty before vacuuming
  • Keep replacement bags and filters handy

Both side have valid points, but they have their flaws to them too. I guess the ultimate way to live in a dust free environment is live in bubble like the movie Bubble Boy¬†2001. Most likely I don’t think anyone wants to resort to that unorthodox method.

What is everyone’s opinion on this great debate? Are you Team Vacuum or Team Dust?

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vacuum or dust first

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