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For a lot of people they start getting the urge to clean everything once spring rolls around. The term “spring cleaning” has been around for a very long time, there are many theories of when the term was coined. Many trace the origin to the ancient Jewish of throughly cleansing the house in preparation for the spring time memorial Passover. Regardless of the origin, wouldn’t you want to start cleaning your house during the winter so when spring rolls around you can enjoy the beautiful weather? Follow this easy 7 steps winter cleaning list.

Winter Cleaning List

1. Deep clean your carpets and floors

  • All the snow can bring unwanted water and muddy and even worse snow salt (has been proved to be harmful) starts collecting between tiles and embeds itself in your carpets. Find a place to store your winter boots such as a baking sheet with the raised edges so it prevents the snow melting onto your floor.

2. Clean your furnace

  • Cleaning the furnace filter not only makes the air cleaner it also makes your home more energy efficient. The inside of the furnace is filled with dust and other nasty grimes. This should be cleaned out once a month, nothing a vacuum can handle.

3. Dust

  • As mentioned in our previous post about vacuuming or dusting first (there is no right answer) should be done regardless to help get rid of dust. It’s cold out so people are more inclined to stay inside, at time unfortunately breathing in dust. Make sure to clean the top of ceiling fans, air ducts and lighting fixtures. Sometimes calling in a professional duct cleaners might be worth expense knowing you won’t be breathing in nearly as many germs.

4. Clean your windows/mirrors

  • Windows always need a good cleaning, my sink bathroom mirror can get dirty from me flinging water/toothpaste from my toothbrush. If you have a candle by the window it can leave some soot on the glass that can block sunlight. Windex can take are of this problem

5. Clean your kitchen ceiling and appliances 

  • Instead of grilling outside and eating nice cool subs during the summer, people are stuck inside making soup and other hearty meals. All the moisture, fumes and smoke has been collecting on the ceiling and walls longer than you think. A little bit of warm water and soap can help get grim off.

6. Go through old spices

  • I’m guilty of having numerous in my ever growing spice cabinet, sometimes I have same spice multiple times. How did it get there, a question I might never know the answer to. Once the spices begin to clump, consider pitching.

7. Clean your computer inside and out

  • I for one am on my computer every day for work, sometimes it needs a good cleaning with an anti-bacterial wipe. My desktop can sometimes look like a nightmare with pictures and folders scattered everywhere. It’s time to go through old files and organize your digital life!

Follow this winter cleaning list so you can enjoy your spring time!

Winter Cleaning List

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